Abbie St Vaughan


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Hello friends! Thank you so much for being here. 

If you know me well, you know that dance has always been one of my favorite things in life, and has brought me so much joy through expression and engagement. I was fortunate enough to be immersed in dance in high school, and when modern dance piqued my interest, I committed to exploring it even more in college. Since then, I have enjoyed being connected to it in any way I can. While my dance studies didn’t continue, my love for it remains. That is why I can’t pass up this unique opportunity to choreograph for a beloved Salt Lake City dance company. 

As a non-professional dancer and an excited community member, I feel very lucky for the opportunity to be connected to Repertory Dance Theatre in a new way — beyond someone who takes their dance classes and attends their performances. Their mission to bring dance experiences and learning to Utah schools necessitates ongoing support. While I was fortunate enough to attend an arts-focused high school and have access to dance education, many public schools in Utah lack funding to create or maintain arts programs. Repertory Dance Theatre works tirelessly to provide free performances and workshops to K-12 schools in Utah through their Arts-In-Education program.

Now this is where YOU come in… You can help support both me in my exciting venture to choreograph a dance performance AND Repertory Dance Theatre in their mission to increase access to dance experiences to the community. I want to follow their lead and share my knowledge and love of dance with my friends and family. 

You can help me reach my fundraising goal by:

  • Donating to my fundraising campaign for Repertory Dance Theatre.

  • Spreading the message to your network/sharing this on your social media.

  • Attending the dance performance that I and the other awesome choreographers will create on March 2nd! 

Thank you for your support! 

RDT is honored to have these brave souls taking on the mantle of CHOREOGRAPHER for RDT’s REGALIA: So you think you can choreograph! Not only are they choreographing for a professional company (for the first time), but they are also raising funds to make a difference in our community. 

They each need to raise $2000 in order to compete in this fun and inspiring event. All funds raised through this page help to further RDT’s mission of building community through the creation, preservation, performance, and perpetuation of modern dance. Including arts-in-education programming that reaches over 50,000 students and teachers in Utah every year. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

They will each be working with a designated RDT mentor to help bring their creative vision to life. 

Once you donate, be sure to join us on March 2, 2024, for the event! You’ll see what these brave souls come up with (not to mention enjoy a fabulous party!)

How would you like to support?